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lemon oil spotlight

Spotlight : Lemon

Introducing our spotlight oil - Lemon What do you associate with lemon? When you think of lemon or the aroma of lemons how does it make you feel? A...
doterra lavender oil

Spotlight : Lavender

Introducing our spotlight oil - Lavender What memories or experiences do you have with lavender?  Does it remind you of Grandma perhaps? Does it ha...
doterra yoga kit

Yoga Kit Australia

The Doterra YOGA kit is here in Australia! I have been waiting all year to hear of the release of the doTERRA Yoga Kit here in Australia and finall...
buy doterra oils perth

Buy Doterra in Perth

Hi!  Are you looking to buy Doterra essential oils or products in Perth - you're in luck, I'm in Perth!  A few years back Doterra started popping ...
essential oil safety

Essential Oil Safety Series - Part One

EO Safety Tips - SUPER - IMPORTANT 🌟 It's important to realize a lot of the pages you're following, blogs and also recipes on pinterest will be s...
doterra quality oils

Why Quality Matters

This weekend I put on a NEW pair of black cotton leggings only to find there is a big hole in a highly undesirable area. Seriously? I’m not jokin...


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