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Posted on April 08 2018

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Once you get started using essential oils there's a few things you're going to need!

  • Rollerballs - for on-the-go use and safe dilution of oils
  • Spritzer bottles - to make up all your DIY goodies
  • Cleaning bottles - if you venture into the world of cleaning with your oils

Other items you may be eventually interested include

  • Resource books - a quick and easy reference to use your oils
  • Labels - great to give any DIY gifts or personal care/home products a more 'polished' look
  • Containers - bonus storage for DIY goodies
  • Bulk base products - again if exploring the world of DIY

I get asked multiple times a day where to access and purchase supplies to support people to use their essential oil in these ways. There are so many options! Online buy sell groups, online shops, physical shops. I thought I'd list a few of my favourites below.

1. Mysentials 

Elicia is a close personal friend of mine and I absoltuely love supporting my friends, she is also a member of my doTERRA oily tribe. Elicia stocks a range of rollerball, spritzer, lables, containers, make and take kits and more. I always purchase my roller and spritzers from Elicia because I know I'm getting a great quality product and excellent service. I can highly recommend Elicia and Mysentials.

2. Diffusional Aromatherapy Supplies

Bec and Rob are also personal friends of mine. They are a heart based family business I am proud to support and refer people to. They have a huge range of essential oils supplies such as rollers, spritzers, cleaning bottles, nasal diffusers, base products, lava jewellery and more! Basically Diffusional is a one stop shop for all your aromatherapy needs. 

3. Aussie Soap Supplies

Aussie soap supplies has a really huge range of base products and storage containers. They are a wholesale shop located in Perth, WA and they ship Australia wide. Shipping is just $10 for orders over $40. Service is good and delivery reasonable. When I am planning some advanced DIY I like to shop at Aussie because they have all the base ingredients and a wide range of containers to suit my personal needs. 

Whilst I love Aussie they do get a bit grumpy if you just walk into their shop!! So best avoid doing that.... I prefer to shop online and get delivery anyway!

4. Range Products

If you live in Perth, WA then you might appreciate Range Products. Located in Welshpool they are another bulk supplier of ingredients and raw materials. However unlike the other three, you can in fact physically go into the store.So if you're the kind of person who likes to have a browse in store and a shop then Range products could be perfect for you! 

And now for the Perth hills locals, these ones are for you!

5. Big Bubble 

Lastly, for any of my local followers - if you get really stuck for raw ingredients you can pop into Big Bubble, Midland, Basically more of a craft supplies store they've noticed the big shift to essential oils and natural products and have started stocking more and more supplies to support us oilies! You'll find epsom salts, citric acid, washing soda in bulk, and a small range of jars and 10ml roller bottles. Local, friendly and yes you can walk into this store!

6. Wasteless Pantry

With a shared passion for wholefoods, low tox living and reducing your carbon footprint, wasteless pantry is a shop close to my heart. Located in Mundaring, WA this little gem is local at it's best! Customer service is friendly and with a smile and they stock a great range of mainly bulk food products but also a growing range of bulk materials for DIY such as castille soap, fractionated coconut oil etc. Worth a visit if you're in the area. 

So there you have it, 6 great options to support your essential oil journey! Of course no matter where you get your supplies, you'll want to make sure you get your essential oils from dōTERRA because in my honest opinion - they are the best! You can shop here to access wholesale prices and choose me as your support person.  If you prefer to shop doTERRA retail, then shop here with us

Do you have any supply shops you'd like to recommend? Please feel free to comment below, I'd love to create a recommended world wide list for my followers around Australia and in other parts of the World, after all, I have clients in over 12 countries! 


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