Essential Oil Resources

essential oil resources jennifer donovan doterra
Find out where I get my essential oil supplies like roller bottles, spritzers, and ingredients from!

doTERRA Oily Hacks - Save money and time with essential oils.

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Oily hacks for everyday

Non-toxic Deodorants with Essential Oils

doterra deodorant essential oil diy
Go toxin free with DIY essential oil deodorant.

Spoil Those Teachers!

doterra oils gifts
Gift ideas for teachers!

DIY with Jennifer Donovan

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Recipes as shown on Today Tonight

Cleaning Spray - Dishwasher Tablets - Washing Powder - Hand Wash

5 Reasons Why Essential Oils Will SAVE You Money!

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Part 1- Hi there, thanks so much for checking out our blog. I thought the best place to start would be with one of the MAIN reasons I got started w...