Where to buy doTERRA in Sydney?

Are you looking to buy doTERRA products and essential oils in Sydney? 

Perhaps you've seen them around the place, in shops around Sydney or they've been popping up in your social media feeds. I can't exactly remember how I first came across doTERRA oils to be honest and I remember when I wanted to purchase them I didn't even know how to go about it. 

If you're like me then look no further - We can help!

Doterra oils can be purchased in a retail shop like ours, and they are certainly sold in online stores, pharmacies and health food stores around Australia. However did you know they also offer the unique opportunity to access wholesale prices? How cool is that?! There really is only one catch - you need to find a support person! Of course you can order direct from the Doterra Australia website, but if you do, you'll be what we call an orphan and will eventually be allocated to someone but unfortunately they could live in the USA, Europe or elsewhere, and you definitely don't want that. You wont receive a beautiful hand created welcome package and you wont be invited to private member chat group. 

This is where we can help!

Whilst we do sell doTERRA essential oils via our shop here on Hidden Valley Wood, one part of us - Jen Donovan is in fact a Diamond leader with doTERRA here in Australia and very active in the community. You can see Jen on the doTERRA Australia Website - https://www.doterra.com/AU/en_AU/diamonds

Jen runs regular online and face to face workshops and travels all over Australia regularly supporting, inspiring and educating people about all the ways they can incorporate essential oils into their lives. When you choose us as your support person you can rest assured we will be with you ever step of the way as little or as much as you need. 

All our new members also receive the following

  • VIP welcome pack - sent to you via the post
  • 15 part email education welcome series 
  • VIP access to our member chat group
  • Access to member only raffles and promotions
  • Access to all doTERRA member promotions
  • Opportunity to earn income and build a doTERRA business with ongoing guidance and mentoring

We are located in Perth, WA. However your oils will be sent to you from the closest doTERRA warehouse. We suggest allowing 5-7 days for delivery. However, in our experience many of our clients receive their orders within just a couple of days! Doterra are renowned for their fast delivery and excellent service. 

We currently have clients in all states of Australia and 13 countries around the world. We have a large presence online via Hidden Valley Wood with regular blog posts to help you learn about the oils as well as member chat groups on facebook, email education, zoom webinar consults and more - rest assured you will have the support you need no matter where you live.  

If you would like to chat with us about where to begin/how to purchase or options not available in our shop AS WELL AS our current new member specials and promotions, please contact us here. Alternatively you can simply check out our shop, add items to cart and make your purchase via our website. 

We look forward to hearing from you and helping you on your essential oil journey. 

Jen & Dean xo

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